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Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Religion is one of the primary shapers of my morals, values and interactions. Many of us believe in a greater power to look up to when feeling lost and are in need of guidance, when we need to find serenity and peace in times of distress and pain. That greater power for me, is God. I seek solace and guidance from Allah during times of confusion and fear, times of which lately have increased dramatically.

I have friends of many different religions and beliefs, yet somehow I always seem to be the one being disrespected. Be it through being called a terrorist or questioning whether or not I was forced to wear my hijab, I’ve begun to understand that though my headscarf is a source of confidence to me, it can be the reason behind endless judgments from others. I only wish that people around me could undertsand that Islam is a religion of peace, love, respect, and most of all, being on your parents’ good will.

With time and the start of excessive conflicts, I began to understand that my headscarf was no longer globally being viewed as a sign of my believe in god, instead being misperceived as a sign of fabricated, untrue and generalized lies regarding my religion.

Those misconceptions not only bring negativity towards my culture and religion, but also almost make me feel bad for believing in a religion now being characterized as “dangerous” and “radical”. I vividly remember when I was with my friends - a group of girls and boys - and a non-muslim girl came up to me and began ridiculing me for my actions, behaviour and my willingness to have friends of the opposite gender. She made me feel guilty, I was unsure of how to react at first. After a few moments of confusion, everything was becoming clear again. My religion is my connection to my god, it didn’t matter whether or not anyone agreed with my actions. Contrary to common belief, I am not a terrorist, I’m not oppressed and I most definitely am not voiceless. People around me had always attempted to convince me of lies, I was a bad muslim when I didn’t wear my hijab, an oppressed girl when I did, and neither is true. That girl’s accustion had allowed me to see clearly, misconceptions about me and my religion are only made by people who are uneducated about Islam. So to anyone willing to truly understand what my so called “oppressive” religion stands for, please continue reading.

Here are just a few things I’ve seen and have been asked about:

“Women in Islam are oppressed and have no rights they are completely dominated by men.”

“Men in Islam beat their wives into submission.”

“The hijab is something women are forced to wear against their own wills and is a sign of little to no freedom.”

“Islam is a religion of violence”

“All Muslims and Arabs are terrorists because of ISIS.”

“ I would never be with a Muslim/ Arab because he’ll marry three other women over me”

These are just the general beliefs that I’ve heard about my religion. Now onto the ones that hit my personality:

“Do you even listen to music?”


“Since you wear the hijab are you going to be in an arranged marriage?”

“How can you talk to boys outside your family if you’re Muslim?”


As a Muslim being exposed to people of different religions, I hear these questions and exclamations all the time. It is utterly disturbing that as a society, we have made these things up with the purpose no other than the infliction of pain upon Muslims. I’m going to explain why all of these allegations are inaccurate.

“Men in Islam beat their wife’s into submission.”

I’d like to start off by saying that abuse happens whether you’re a Muslim or a Christian so to have someone generalize that to just Muslims is very vile and immoral. Second, in Isalm, consent is taken very seriously. Men have to be respectful of their wives and in fact, the act of rape is inexcusable.

“The hijab is something women are forced to wear against their own wills and is a sign of little to no freedom.”

Women are NOT forced whatsoever to wear the hijab. Many women take pride in wearing it and is a CHOICE made by the woman herself as she takes pride in covering herself from males. The purpose of the hijab is too cover your body from males that can be a spouse. There are many women who are of age and do not wear the hijab because they feel like they aren’t ready for such a commitment and that’s okay. No one has the power to force a woman to wear the hijab.

“ Islam is a religion of violence” which they support with a line from the Quaran. “ kill the non believers.”

This is targeted towards the past as the non believers were violent towards our prophets and the people who followed their message by starting wars and killing innocents such as women and children. Today this is unacceptable unless you are exposed in direct danger and this is okay by law as it is self defense. I find it difficult to grasp that all over the news I am identified as a terrorist for the acts of a few extremists that violate the Quran itself. THE ACTS OF A FEW DO NOT REFLECT ON AN ENTIRE RELIGION! Just think of it, there are almost 2 billion muslims in the world, it’s impossible to say that all muslims are terrorists, or even that a fourth of them are.

“ I would never be with a Muslim/ Arab because he’ll marry three other women over me”

This process is called polygamy and it is also practiced in Christianity. The reason why polygamy is okay in Islam is because in the past there were less men than women with many lonely and widowed so it was allowed for a man to marry at most 4 wives, to reduce the amount of unwed females. You can also have it stated in your wedding vows that he may not be with anyone other than you.

All of these allegations are wrong and it is very wrong to have these things spread even though most of the countries dealing with war, starvation, and poverty are Arab countries. The whole world was so quick to react with terrorist claims yet no one acknowledges the millions starving in Yemen, massacred in Syria and dying in Palestine. Are all those people terrorists as well?

And to anyone making the more personal claims such as listening to music, having friends of the opposite gender, being in arranged marriages, and not wearing the hijab after hitting puberty.

We are normal human beings who have the same life you do.

Yes we enjoy music.

Yes we have guy/girl friends.

Yes we can fall in love.

Yes we have the choice whether to wear the hijab or not.

No one should be questioning my way of life with intent to cause harm or insult.

I respect all religions, I just wish others could respect mine.

NOTE: This is not targeted towards anyone in specific. This is to educate anyone that is not informed about Islam and to debunk all the fake sayings made towards us. If you so happen to be one of those people, please make an effort to change, its 2019 and are we still slamming people for their beliefs?

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