"When I was younger, a man carried me from both shoulders and took me to the roof. He said things that I didn't understand, I thought I was getting kidnaped. Now that I understand what he was saying, I'm so glad I managed to get away because kidnapping wasn't the only thing he was planning on doing to me."

"I have medical issues and it's hard to go through and tell other people about it because people can treat you completely different because of it."

"My dad was permanently injured when I was in second grade. It's been a struggle, having to get accustomed to a new lifestyle, especially when you feel alone and it feel like it's a topic too personal to discuss."

"I am a Muslim that moved a few years ago, once we moved, I experienced extreme islamophobia and I had to sit back and witness my dad being poorly treated at work because of his religious beliefs, people around me treated my religion as a threat."

"There came a point in my life when my mental health began deteriorating and I felt as though I could tell no one, that isn't what guys talk about. I was only able to open up about it this year and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders." 

"During the protests in Sudan

I saw people die beside me and I saw a man trying to force himself on my cousin, I only wish people would understand that making it better is my priority right now, nothing else."

"How come you're not a genius at math?"

I'm tired of hearing that statement because I swear to you, where I'm born has nothing to do with how much Trig I can do."

"For the longest time, I lived my life thinking I was unloved, unimportant and that I had nowhere to turn because absolutely nothing would help, I even turned to self-harm, still...nothing. Now I know that help has to begin with me, taking action on bettering myself."

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